Better Social Media Communication Results newsletter – issue 03 out now

by Lee Hopkins on August 7, 2008

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Better Social Media Communication Results - issue 03 out now G’day,

Well, I’ve got a shedload of apologies for those who have been expecting this issue sooner, and I of course have refunded those who have paid for the previous two month’s issues that never actually eventuated.

In this issue:

  • Be astounded by Joe Jaffe as he gives definitive reasons why Twitter should be in the toolkit of every communicator
  • Discover our Top 4 social media tips for companies
  • And don’t forget this: uncover the must-know info about why companies and you should microblog (‘Twitter’)
  • Find out why CSR is not just a TLA but something every company should be involved in (but so few actually are)
  • Hold on to your hat! Discover the complete Web2.0 directory… and no, it’s not Google!
  • Read about a fabulous new free e-book on Social Media Authority by world-famous Web2.0 marketer Jack Humphrey
  • Plus: how to write health messages that actually achieve
    behaviour change
  • And here’s the kicker: find out what the terms Web1.0, Web2.0 and Web3.0 might actually mean!

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