Good grief… Australian man shows world why we don’t rule it

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2008

in humour

From today’s news feeds:

A woman is dead and a man is in hospital after a car crash at Bees Creek in Darwin’s rural area early this morning.

Few details are available but Darwin police say when officers attended the scene about 5:30am (ACST) a man involved in the car crash jumped into the police car and stole it.

Authorities say the man then drove the car into Darwin and drove it off the wharf into the harbour.

Police were able to pull the man to safety.

He is now under police guard at the Royal Darwin Hospital.

The police car remains at the bottom of the harbour and is expected to be pulled out later today.

Like, he never thought the police might be interested in getting their car back… Sheesh! Blood alcohol reading, anyone? Brain cell count, anyone?

As much as I enjoy ‘paying out’ those members of the North American populace not overburdened with brain cells, I am the first to admit that we have our fair share of men and women who would be hard pressed to organise a sexual encounter in a brothel.

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