Great conference in Sweden on urban digital usability

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2008 · 2 comments

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If you happen to be in Lund, Sweden on October 19th, grab some notes for me, please; there’s a workshop on Digital Urban Living taking place.

Here’s more from the organisers:

Digital technologies are permeating ever-more spheres of urban living, yet the emergence, potentials and consequences of this trend is fairly unexplored. Mobile phones, cameras, various kinds of sensors, and new kinds of large and small displays integrated in built environments provide new means of communicating and experiencing, and in some cases the interaction with emerging interfaces and media become experiences in their own right. The fluent and emergent experience-oriented use of urban interfaces challenges current research in both interaction design and innovation management. The theme of this workshop is to explore and discuss digital urban living as an arena for technologies that facilitate citizen-driven communication, revitalize cultural heritage, and present us with new aesthetic potentials.

Goal – The goal of the workshop is to advance the pragmatic and theoretical understanding of digital urban living. The workshop will in particular explore the challenges concerning how to understand and design for this new arena.

Topics – In order to address various perspectives on and approaches to digital urban living we invite contributions in the following categories:

1) Design methods and techniques: Specific methods or techniques, preferably well-tested in practice, that are lend themselves to designing for digital urban living
2) Theoretical perspectives: We also invite contributions that address ways of understanding, analyzing and discussing digital urban living.
3) Case studies: We further invite participants to contribute with case studies of digital urban living.

Through the selection of participants for the workshop we will strive to cover a broad range of themes, including digital art and aesthetics, cultural heritage, civic communication, digital urban communities, hyper local journalism, etc.

We invite participants to address one or more of the following questions, although this is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • What is the role of aesthetics in designing for digital urban living?
  • How should we go about designing digital urban infrastructures?
  • How should we shape the interfaces for accessing and exploring digital urban living?
  • To which degrees can we use new interfaces to promote ‘old’ content? (e.g. how can we mediate cultural heritage using new urban interfaces?)
  • What is the role of user-generated content in digital urban living? And what could it be in the future?
  • How may current design tools, material and techniques be adapted to meet the challenges of designing for digital urban living?
  • What is the nature of digital urban living compared to the life at home or at the workplace – and what are the implications for the way we understand design processes?
  • Is HCI in its present state adequate for addressing digital urban living?
  • Which materials lend themselves to designing for digital urban living?
  • How do we tackle the issue of polluting the city with a deluge of digital information?

Invited participants – To nurture the discussion on digital urban living, we have invited a couple of people who have each done extensive work in topics closely related to the workshop theme. The participants include Adam Greenfield, head of design direction for service and user-interface design at Nokia, and Bren O’Callaghan, creative producer and manager with the BBC Public Space Broadcasting Project; responsible for the Big Screen Liverpool. Each of them will give a short talk on their work and its relation to Digital Urban Living.

To participate in this workshop, please submit a 2-4 page position paper (ACM format) relating to at least one of the themes outlined above. Participants should also prepare a 5 minute presentation for the workshop.
Max. number of participants: 25.
Submission deadline: September 20, 2008.
Notification: September 29, 2008.
Please send you position paper to workshop organizer Peter Dalsgaard:

  • Uganda International School

    Please Lee I would like to get more information about your IT software and information plus the details of your conferences with the eligibility for participants who may wish to attend.

  • Uganda International School

    Please Lee I would like to get more information about your IT software and information plus the details of your conferences with the eligibility for participants who may wish to attend.

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