August 2008

42Below Call Centre – superb video!

by Lee Hopkins on August 7, 2008

in humour,marketing,pr,tools,video

A wonderful example of the business use of video. It meets many of the components I believe essential when considering video as a business communication tool: is amusing/witty is different doesn’t smell of B.S. has some references back into the target market’s culture (in this case other youtube videos, which would quite possibly be recognised […]

G’day, Well, I’ve got a shedload of apologies for those who have been expecting this issue sooner, and I of course have refunded those who have paid for the previous two month’s issues that never actually eventuated. In this issue: Be astounded by Joe Jaffe as he gives definitive reasons why Twitter should be in […]

Apologies for my silence

by Lee Hopkins on August 5, 2008 · 6 comments

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I’ve been absolutely hammered: first by workload, then by a head cold that makes a ‘man cold’ look like something other people get. But I’m back on track now… promising you that posting will be more regular from now on as I once again grapple with getting myself more organised, courtesy of GTD and 43 […]