Dido uses social networking to market her latest album

by Lee Hopkins on November 11, 2008 · 1 comment

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Just because your campaign/client is considering using social media, don’t think you can get away with half-baked planning or a tiny budget.

Yes, you might be lucky once — ONCE! — but don’t believe the patina of ‘cheap’ will go away easily, from either the product or the brand. Only the really clever AND lucky can get away with it, and usually because their market is savvy enough to see the archness of the in-jokes (witness the superb weezer video, Pork n’ Beans)

Dido’s team have put together a really impressive piece of social network marketing. Very clever!

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    Using social network like twitter and facebook can grab more attention to people. This is more cost effective than TV ads or guest shows to promote the album. Great strategy Dido.

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