One more thing: Is Podcasting dead or not?

by Lee Hopkins on December 31, 2008

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Says Joe Jaffe

With all the debate following Pod-bingo-bango-bongo’s no-longo, people are debating whether podcasting as we know it (or knew it) is dead…or perhaps forever changed.

I thought I’d reach to fellow podcasters Mitch Joel, Shel Holtz (and of course, Neville), Adam Curry, Cliff Ravenscraft, David Jones (and of course, Terry), John Wall (and of course, Chris) and Lee Hopkins to join me and all of you in a spirited discussion about this topic.

Where/when: Jaffe Juice via Talkshoe on Wednesday, 12/31 at 12.30pm EST

If you’re a podcaster, a listener or a non-believer, you’re all welcome to join. In fact, it would be great to have some dissidents on the line.

There will be chat functionality and a call-in number so you can join LIVE. I’ll probably go with about 5 rotating hosts at any given time so it doesn’t get too unmanageable.

Anyhoo…if you’re around on Wednesday, what better way to end the year than by discussing yesterday and tomorrow’s news!

When Joe says 12.30pm EST he is talking about EST in the USA, which is actually 4.30am Australian Eastern Standard Time New Year’s Day, which is 4am Adelaide time. Eeeek!

The 4am start is one of the reasons why Allan Jenkins and I stopped recording the CommsCafe…

But this is a must-not-miss session and so I’ll be there – I hope you will be too!

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