Birthing, midwives and Second Life

by Lee Hopkins on January 17, 2009

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Sarah Stewart has a great blog on using SL to further educate women about birthing issues, as part of the SLENZ project.

There’s a great post with a design for a virtual birth centre, very coherent thoughts about what women want in the place where they give birth, and a great autoethnographic post on EBM (evidence-based medicine) and Web2.0

Sarah also has a great collection of SL-midwifery links on her delicious profile.

I have no idea how we are going to animate the virtual birth unit, but here is an idea of what giving birth in Second Life looks like.

I am a bit freaked out thinking that people give birth in Second Life for fun, but it is interesting to watch the video from a technical point of view. My favorite bit of this video is that the midwife is wearing a big glittering diamond ring over her sterile gloves!! I’d never get away with that in real life…but then again, I wish I owned a big glittering diamond ring in real life!

The video at YouTube

A great resource and definitely a blog to follow!

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