Be a Social Media Guru in a mere 24 hours!

by Lee Hopkins on February 18, 2009

in ethics,humour,marketing

Doug Firebaugh's superb post on how to be a social media expert in just 24 hours!

Courtesy of a tweet from Chris Brogan comes a truly amazing story from Doug Firebaugh on how to be a social media ‘expert’ in a mere 24 hours!

You won’t believe what Doug had to listen to and choke back the tears of laughter on when he held a discussion with a ‘guru’ who was looking for a mere $1000 to let you in on the “7 Hidden Deep and Tightly and Jealously guarded Inner Sanctum Secrets that only can be learned from a Social Media Underground Web Spy whose number is 002.0-and Revealed are the Inner Circle Buried Treasures that Only can Come from a Reclusive genius Social Media Guru”.

Check out Doug’s post and see for yourself how easy it can be to be a Social Media Guru!

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