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Conroy and ACMA are RIGHT to ban ’em!

Conroy and ACMA are RIGHT to ban ’em!

by Lee Hopkins on March 20, 2009

in ethics,politics,tools

I took a look at the list of websites that ACMA and Senator Conroy are allegedly banning during their tests of his internet filtering software – and he’s right to ban some of them!

Imagine what horror could await the eyes and minds of our innocent young if they were to access images like THESE:

This link site to a whole heap of innocent archive websites is obviously a front for mafia-related gun- and drug-running activities! Daddy is obviously smiling for no other reason than he has his daughter on his knee -- the pervert!
From a dental website. Obviously the man is smiling because…
 A female patient about to spit out her mouth wash at the dentist
This woman, who is a patient at the same dental clinic, obviously has a towel to her face because…
This little girl obviously is up to no good!
Obviously this photo of a little girl brushing her teeth is highly…
a dentist and his female staff -- the cad!
No wonder this Australian dentist is smiling; after all, all of his staff are also highly paid secret members of…
cat and dog boarding kennels - how subversive!
I don’t know what the owners of this dog and cat boarding kennel in the northern part of Australia were thinking, but obviously something very animal is at the heart of it all
This canteen lady surely knows how to use a spoon and fork – she allegedly offers her ‘canteen management’ services all over one particular Australian state, having several qualifications and taken various volunteer roles on the ????? Association of School Tuckshops. A likely story!
This European restaurant clearly serves up more than just foreign food!
“Restaurace se nachází v chebské m?stské ?ásti Háje, 1km od hrani?ního p?echodu Svatý K?íž. V naší restauraci vám nabízíme široký sortiment pokrm? z ?eské a minutkové kuchyn?.”
Well, that’s what THEY say…!

Google groups have 'yanked' the seamonkey group, obviously because of its marxist gun-smuggling activities
And we all know that the mozilla application ‘seamonkey’ is actually a front for a gun-smuggling regime working out of a local convent… 
Mozilla.org runs a 'cover' mailing list, the clever fiends!

Here’s the sort of page you might want to look for at that organisation that posts about leaks on their wiki:This is the type of page you might want to find at the wikileaks organisation

My Melbournian mate Jim Stewart of Stewart Media posted a video about the whole schmozzle… “Australia Blacklists Free Speech

You NEED to watch Jim’s video!

Jim also points to http://www.siteblocker.org and a place to find out what you can expect once a Government filter goes live.

I found the alleged list on a wiki that deals with leaked information – the sort of information that Governments sometimes prefer you not to know. If you search Google for an organisation (they usually have a domain name ending in .org) and something like, oh… say, wiki, or leaks, or some combination like that, you will probably find it.

Mind you, the site might be down because the server has crashed under the weight of people accessing it…

I found a surprisingly large number of the ‘naughty’ sites had actually disappeared, their domain names now the property of hosting companies who used them to run harmless link pages and Google ads. But the sites still remain in the ‘blocked’ list – it would appear that little attention is paid to making sure the list is current.


You can also find a great background to the whole mind-numbingly dumb internet filter concept at Wikipedia – visit this page before ACMA ban it!

I love this snippet from the Wikipedia page:

The IWF blacklist will form part of the mandatory blacklist used in Australia, but it has caused disruption in the UK. In December 2008, hybrid filtering technology implemented by UK providers[60] caused disruption of Wikipedia operations in the UK when a Wikipedia page was added to the IWF watchlist.[61] When Wikipedia blocked UK vandals by their IP address, this block affected all users coming from these IP addresses. As these IP addresses belonged to the filter proxies, all Wikipedia users in the UK attempting to edit an article without a login name were blocked. Some proxies also collapsed under load generated by Wikipedia traffic.[62]

After widespread coverage, IWF removed the Wikipedia page from its blacklist:

"IWF’s overriding objective is to minimise the availability of indecent images of children on the internet, however, on this occasion our efforts have had the opposite effect … We regret the unintended consequences for Wikipedia and its users."[63]

OOOPSIES!! But don’t worry, that would never happen here, would it?!

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