April 2009

I will get an iPhone, not because of the hype by Gen Y-ers, but because of the hype from old farts like me. Too many people who I respect have called the iPhone revolutionary and ‘game changing’. It isn’t about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ or trying to be ‘young and hip’; it’s about staying in touch with the wave of new technology and thinking of ways to apply it to business. It’s about staying young with my thinking, rather than letting laziness and inertia get in the way of mental recharge and regeneration.

You can subscribe to Joe’s tv show in iTunes and I strongly suggest you do so right away so that you don’t miss any of his gems of wisdom.

Too many people lost out during the dotbomb era and I’m not convinced this ‘give it all away’ model is completely dissimilar. How does one eat whilst waiting for those greater rewards?

Rumour has it that your humble scribe will be sharing a podium with @JayBerkowitz and the rather marvellous @silkcharm, scribbling down their gems on social media and the affiliate business

I’ve just been a good little blogger and completed the survey (it took less than eight minutes)

Phil Baumann gives us 140 health-care uses of Twitter, then Ed Bennett updates us all with news that there are now 225 US hospitals using social media tools, including 140 with Twitter accounts

IABC World Conference: getting closer

by Lee Hopkins on April 23, 2009 · 2 comments

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The line-up of stars at this year’s IABC World Conference is starting to really excite me. And it’s all less than six weeks away – bring it on!!!

You know an article is going to be interesting to read when it starts with a great quote paraphrased from Clay Shirkey: “Prior to the Internet, the last technological innovation that had a significant effect on the way people sat and talked together was the table.” Two organisational development academics, Kathleen Iverson and George Vukotich […]

Information governance in a 2.0 world

by Lee Hopkins on April 18, 2009

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Just reading an interesting paper: “Information governance in a 2.0 world.” It’s in the March 2009 edition of Financial Executive. Written by Cheryl McKinnon, the director of Program Management and part of the Enterprise2.0 strategy team at Open Text in Waterloo, Canada, Cheryl makes some interesting points: “Corporate informafion disclosed or stored in emerging forms […]

A n interesting academic paper has just passed my nose: “Take Two Aspirin And Tweet Me In The Morning: How Twitter, Facebook, And Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care” by Carleen Hawn. Here’s the abstract: If you want a glimpse of what health care could look like a few years from now, consider “Hello […]