Affili@SYD: 6 slideshare minutes – video marketing

by Lee Hopkins on May 15, 2009

in marketing,public speaking

I’ve just uploaded my 10-minute presentation on using video marketing within a social marketing environment to drive affiliate marketing reach.

My presentation was part of a panel discussion with Jay Berkowitz, Laurel Papworth and myself at the rather superb Affili@SYD conference a couple of days ago.

Watch the slides and listen to my sweet dulcet tones


Laurel’s presentation is up on slideshare too, although without audio, alas… But you can read what the slides all mean over on her post about it all.

Jay’s superb keynote address not yet up on slideshare; I’ll let you know when it is (give the man a break – he’s on holiday and travelling!).

In the meantime check out Jay’s other slideshows – I thoroughly recommend you watch, take notes and watch again for the gems you missed the first time around!

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