Top video interview tips from Melcrum’s Social Media workshop

by Lee Hopkins on June 26, 2009

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Sona Hathi from Melcrum’s London office has blogged a great video interview with Abi Signorelli, Director of Internal Communication at Virgin Media.

Sona also shares some video tips from Debbie Davies (former tv producer and private investigator!), including:

8. Think about lighting, background scenery and noise – even things like air conditioning can be disturbing. Put up a do not disturb sign if necessary.

9. Avoid fancy shots – zooming in and out can be distracting and also waste battery power.

10. Remember to get permission! Look on the internet for downloadable contracts of agreement. As a last minute option, get the interviewee to say on camera "My name is xxx and I am being interviewed by xxx about xxx and am aware that this will be broadcast on xxx," and then keep this as a record.

I strongly recommend you check out the full list of tips, and of course check out Abi’s video interview about how Virgin are using social media internally.

Great stuff!

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