Grumpy Old Communicators – good grief!

by Lee Hopkins on July 9, 2009

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Grumpy Old Communicators, Allan Jenkins and Lee Hopkins, at the

Yes, those two grumpy old communicators, Jenkins and Hopkins, are back at the CommsCafe.

Having figured that they’d disappeared off the podcasting map for long enough for the litigants to believe they were dead, our two intrepid curmudgeons have once more picked up the microphones and braved the podcast airwaves.

Anyway, in this rivetting (ha ha! very unlikely – Admin) first edition they:

  • briefly review the recent IABC World Conference in San Francisco
  • talk about a US Governor who keeps going walkabout (a very Australian tradition)
  • D. Mark Schumann, the new IABC Chair, with a great post about what IABC means
  • the vagaries of the humble toilet across the continents: your Peter Stuyvesant smoking, air hostess chatting-up, international jetset playboys consider water levels and acoustics.

Honourable mentions in this podcast go out to:

Visit them in their new-look CommsCafe home and subscribe to their podcast. Oh, and please send your brickbats or bouquets (or any invites or swag) to

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