Isobel Redmond – leader of SA’s opposition

by Lee Hopkins on July 9, 2009

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Isobel Redmond, MP, Leader of the Opposition I normally don’t get involved with politics, as long time readers of this blog know, but those who follow South Australia’s (or even Australia’s) politics could not have failed to notice that there’s been a bit of argy-bargy going on within the Liberal Party in the last few weeks.

I’m not going to comment further, save to suggest that if you want to know more, you google it yourself; “Liberal party AND Hamilton-Smith” should do it.

The new Leader of the Opposition is Isobel Redmond. Not only is she the MP for the area in which I live, but I also had the good fortune to be able to interview her three years ago, as part of a series of interviews I conducted for my colleague-in-arms Ross Monaghan.

I found Isobel to be charming, self-deprecating and passionate about making change.

Here’s what I said at the time:

I recently interviewed my local MP, Isobel Redmond, about how she communicates to her diverse constituency of 1,000 square kilometres and around 20 different communities.

My good friend Ross Monaghan over at theMediaPod has posted the interview and found some fascinating background material that I wish I’d uncovered before I interviewed her — damn you, Monaghan! {smile}

This is a great interview to listen to for many reasons:

  • Isobel has a fascinating background
  • She doesn’t strike you as your ‘typical’ MP
  • She shares a controversial opinion about ‘communication’ in general that will both shock many and find equally as many who agree with her
  • She sheds fascinating light on the current ‘Industrial Relations’ legislation that is such a bone of contention for the Australian unions at the moment (and interestingly, Barry Haas, the MP for the mammoth Western Australian mining region ‘Kalgoolie’ has asked every single member of his constituency for concrete proof of skullduggery and thievery of employees and their rights by employers (ABC’s PM report mp3) — so far not one person has come forward, perhaps validating Isobel’s opinion, based as it is on around 30 years of legal experience, including industrial law, that the IR laws are actually really tough on employers not employees, and that the only reason people are scared is that the unions have mounted a far more successful PR campaign)
  • She has equally controversial opinions about PR and the perception of the South Australian nuclear waste dump facility (that got cancelled).

I cannot recommend highly enough you listen to this interview. Not because of me, but because of what absolute ‘gems’ Isobel shares about the political life (it’s not all fun and games).

You can download the podcast from Ross’ site – and have a read of his shownotes too, they’re a cracker!

I for one wish Isobel every success in her new role.

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