BCR 049: On blublocker sunglasses, raybans and being colour-blind

by Lee Hopkins on August 2, 2009 · 1 comment

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I love my blublocker sunglasses, really I do; they make driving in the hills and on the freeways an absolute joy. But when I drive in the cities I have to put them aside and don my trusty raybans. Why? Because I’m red and green colour-blind, that’s why! The blocked-out blue makes it harder sometimes to see the green traffic lights (although I have no problem seeing the red lights!)

My youtube video:


I had a great tweet from some blublockers retailers:

@BluBlockersRock: @leehopkins Hey! Check out our BluBlockers site http://www.BluBlockersRock.com – I like your YouTube video!

Cool – thanks, guys and girls!


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