BCR 051: Interview with SnapComms.com

by Lee Hopkins on September 20, 2009

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lee-hopkins-with-snapcomms-sarah-chris Yes, a podcast rather than a vidcast! Refreshing, eh?

I interview the very smart Sarah and Chris from SnapComms.com, an internal comms software and service provider with a truly innovative set of tools.

These tools allow companies to talk to their employees – and listen to their responses – in multiple, noise-cut-through ways.

Sarah and Chris assure me that their tools can:

  • Reduce email overload internally
  • Increase message cut through for internal communications
  • Improve the Intranet as an internal communications tool
  • Communicate change to staff successfully
  • Reduce the impact of a recession with effective employee communications
  • Improve information cascade via line managers
  • Improve leadership communications with staff
  • Deliver effective front line communications
  • Leverage Share Point and maximize it’s value
  • Build engagement with innovative internal communications
  • Measure effectiveness of internal communications


    All of which are dead handy want-to-have’s, aren’t they?

    Listen to the podcast and enjoy finding out about a very cool set of tools to help you cut through the noise and actually engage with your employees – I guarantee you will be surprised and will want to find out more!

    You can download our eight-minute chat [8mb] for later listening, or not take advantage of the power of rss subscription and ensure you automatically and painlessly catch each new edition of my podcast and vidcast in iTunes as and when I publish them.

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