My Twitter numbers explode – thanks, Valeria!

by Lee Hopkins on September 28, 2009

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O'Reilly's new twitter book - you'd be crazy not to buy it. And follow me on twitter: @LeeHopkins

I checked my emails this morning and couldn’t believe nor understand why I had so many people who had decided to follow me on Twitter, including some truly ‘famous’ names like @BrianSolis, Steve RubelKatie Paine, amongst many gurus and friends like Ike Pigott, Shel Holtz , Neville Hobson, et al.

But when I checked my TweetDeck I figured out why: Valeria Maltoni over on her ConversationAgent blog had very flatteringly popped my name in amongst some real luminaries on her post about the Top 100 PR folks to follow on Twitter. (You can follow Valeria on twitter too, if you want; I do!)

All of which stunned me – there are *REAL* gurus and luminaries on that list! Flattered, honoured and humbled, indeed I am. And thanks, too, to Gary Hayes and Ross Dawson for flicking me a ping on twitter to alert me of my inclusion.

So, if YOU haven’t yet figured out this Twitter thing, might I suggest you buy a copy of the book at the top of this post: ‘

by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein. It’s is an absolute corker, as we say here in these southern parts, meaning that it’s the dogs (Londoners will know what I mean). You could also take it to mean that you would be a mug (or ‘muggins’) to not pick up a copy.

You will learn something immediately from it, just by flicking through its pages while you are waiting at the checkout…

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