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by Lee Hopkins on October 5, 2009 · 3 comments

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keepass and keeform, a great combination says Lee Hopkins

I think I’ve resolved my password maintainer and webform auto-login problem.

You see, I love KeePass, the open source password manager. But it doesn’t ‘hook’ into your browser, allowing you to auto-fill site logins with your password details (displayed as ********).

Typing them in manually is a risk if a key-logger or screen capture trojan has infiltrated your computer’s defences. Those auto-fill software jiggery-pokery things are brilliant, because they DO bypass the need for typing and therefore negate the risk of keyloggers and screen capturing.

I have tried various tools over the years:

  • Steganos
  • SignUpShield for the U3 cruzer usb stick
  • the browsers themselves
  • Norton 360 toolbar.

All of which have various things I really like, and things that just don’t work for me, mostly around portability.

You see, none of them allow you to keep your database of passwords somewhere that syncs automatically across your various computers.

I don’t want to have one set of stored passwords on my laptop and then a separate set of stored passwords on my desktop and be frustrated when the data is inconsistent.

I ADORE my dropbox and KeePass precisely because I can store the KeePass’ database in my dropbox and it automatically syncs across the interwebs and clouds with the various computers I run it on.

Yes, I know that I could store everything on my U3 usb stick, but sometimes I run out of usb slots and the hassle of finding a usb extension board, plus letting both the laptop and the desktop ‘see’ the usb stick at the same time, is too much hassle when I’m already tres busy.

But I think I’ve found the answer: KeeForm is an open source plugin for KeePass that automates the login process for you and is highly configurable. Passwords are entered without any key strokes, auto-type or ‘copy and paste’ operations, bypassing those nasty clipboard spies and key loggers.

It comes in both Internet Explorer and Firefox flavours and I’ll be a very happy man if it works – I’ll probably let you know on Twitter.

  • Peter

    KeeForm works very well! I like it! Thanks for the update.

  • Peter

    KeeForm works very well! I like it! Thanks for the update.

  • Peter

    KeeForm works very well! I like it! Thanks for the update.

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