Something to think about when talking Social Media to GOM* like me

by Lee Hopkins on November 2, 2009 · 2 comments

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Beware: Grumpy Old Man nearby *GOM – Grumpy Old Men, that is.

We need talking to differently than if we were… oh, I dunno… 30-something. But here’s your first clue:

We are not frickin idiots! Even people over the age of 30 can [gasp] ‘get’ social media.

I say this in response to the totally ridiculous banter that has been floating around the last few days and the insinuation that Edelman senior staffers are abdicating their responsibility around Social Media and letting junior staffers ‘do all that social media nonsense stuff’. Trust us, when we see Apple’s share price take a tumble because of social media, and we see United Airlines’ do the same, we DO take notice.

As @shel  quite rightly points out,

That is, Baby Boomers can be well-schooled in social media and still glean tons of insight from those younger employees who were born into the digital era and have grown up networked 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
I’m with BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins, who commented, “I think it’s brilliant that (Edelman’s) sr people are learning the more tactical aspects of (social media) from the digital natives on staff. Even if we old folks get the promise of social media, we don’t necessarily know how to build our Tweetdecks. Kudos to Edelman.”

And let’s not forget, the folks who have been around the Social Media space for a long time in Australia (that is to say, longer than 4 years) are a mixed bunch of ages: some in their late teens/early twenties, some like Monsieur Cook and I, in our crusty dotage. But Cook and I still ‘got it’ early on.

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