Dave Berkowitz has six questions for 100 metrics

by Lee Hopkins on November 25, 2009 · 1 comment

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David Berkowitz has 6 questions for 100 metrics

That master of good sense and social media wisdom, David Berkowitz, recently wrote about the 100 metrics an organisation can use to gauge its effectiveness in reaching out via social media tactics.

Those metrics include such elements as

31.  Change in search engine rankings for the site linked to through social media

32.  Change in search engine share of voice for all social sites promoting the brand

33.  Increase in searches due to social activity

34.  Percentage of buzz containing links

35.  Links ranked by influence of publishers

36.  Percentage of buzz containing multimedia (images, video, audio)

37.  Share of voice on social sites when running earned and paid media in same environment

38.  Influence of consumers reached

39.  Influence of publishers reached (e.g., blogs)

40.  Influence of brands participating in social channels

He has followed this up with a fabulous list of six questions that can be asked of these metrics: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

For example,

WHO – Who interacted? What do you know about these consumers?

·       Fans, followers, friends

·       Demographics of audience reached through social media

·       Social media habits/interests of target audience

·       Customers assisted

·       Attendance generated at in-person events

WHAT – What was discussed? What was shared? What did consumers engage with?

·       Volume of consumer-created buzz for a brand based on number of posts or impressions

·       Buzz by stage in purchase funnel (e.g., researching vs. completing transaction vs. post-purchase)

·       Rate of virality, embedding, or downloading

I won’t post any more of David’s article – you’ll just have to visit his blog yourself (and if you have any common sense, subscribe to it!)

In all, two fabulous articles! And a tip of the Akubra to MediaPost’s Social Media Insider (another read worth subscribing to!)

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