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Practical SEO Copywriting: a ‘must get’ book

Practical SEO Copywriting: a ‘must get’ book

by Lee Hopkins on November 25, 2009 · 2 comments

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Practical SEO Copywriting
by Glenn Murray at DivineWrite.com
Click here for more info on Practical SEO Copywriting by Glenn Murray at DivineWrite

My mate Glenn Murray has written a bottler of a new book on search engines and copywriting.

In a cunning twist of bizarre nomenclature, he’s titled it Practical SEO Copywriting. The cheeky little fox!  It’s a DIY guide to writing online copy for both human readers AND for that 300kg gorilla we lovingly call ‘Google’.

The danger, Glenn quite rightly …err …writes is that focusing too much attention on all of the supposed SEO ‘tricks of the trade’ will make your copy all but unreadable by the human brain. You know, all that stuff bandied about by the so-called SEO (search engine optimisation) experts: keyword frequency, exact string versus individual words scattered across the page, page length, alt tags, header tags, and so on.

Not that this stuff isn’t important – it all is, and more besides – but Glenn argues persuasively that by far more important is the ability to write copy that people will actually want to read – and link to!

And on writing copy that Google loves, Glenn knows his stuff!

He ranks no. 1 in the world on google.com.au (which is his market) for most of his important keywords:

Keyword Rank
copywriter No. 1
SEO copywriter No. 1
website copywriter No. 1
advertising copywriting No. 1 & 2
website copywriting No. 1
copywriting No. 2
internet copywriter No. 5
copywriting forum No. 5


The book is structured into three main parts:

Part One: A detailed discussion of WHAT you need to know. What is SEO copy? And what is it not? (page 9);

Part Two: Examples of common problems people encounter when trying to write copy for both search engines and a reader (page 15);

Part Three: How to spend than less time copywriting and optimising your copy than you feared (page 49).

Oh, and as a clue to the kind of very sage advice Glenn passes on from his hard-won battles with Google: Forget Keyword Density!

No greater advice could I give anyone trying to wrestle their online copy to be more Google-friendly, trust me! More hours have been lost over figuring out ‘good’ and ‘bad’ KD ratios than in utilising any other SEO ‘trick’ or ‘tip’.

Let me therefore repeat it: Forget Keyword Density!

If you spend any part of your day writing copy, always remember that it’s the ‘copy’ part that is the most important. So always write for human visitors first, before you even think about search engines.

And if you buy Glenn’s book you’ll spend a lot less time optimising the finished product than you feared. (Hint: if you also buy Glenn’s book on SEO tactics you will have the perfect matching set of easy-to-read, even-easier-to-implement copywriting and search engine bibles).

Now begone! Do some work already!

Read more about Practical SEO Copywriting 
Click here to read more about Practical SEO Copywriting by Glenn Murray from DivineWrite.com
Read more about SEO Secrets 
Read more about SEO Secrets by Glenn Murray at DivineWrite.com 

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    A must for those new to SEO, the course will give you valuable knowledge and … ok.

  • http://www.directorysubmissionservices.net Nick

    Ha! Thanks for the review Angie. Very nice. Two points:
    1) Wherever you disagree with me, or criticize me, you’re wrong; and
    2) Wherever you praise me, clearly you’re right.

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