BCR055: Dinner with Adrian Cropley

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2009

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adrian cropley

The 5-star Hotel Windsor in Melbourne was the venue for a fabulous dinner recently with self and the equally fabulous Adrian Cropley ABC (Accredited Business Communicator).

He is a dynamo within the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and equally well-respected in all corners of the globe as a superb communicator and sharp thinker.

We waxed lyrical for nearly three hours on all manner of stuff (from Kings to Cabbages, in fact), most of which we can’t let you listen in on for reasons of a legal nature – and the fact that you’d probably be utterly bored listen to us raving about the food, wine and ambience.

But we *can* let you listen in on us for 62 minutes of exploration of:

  • The difference in Adelaide between the PRIA and IABC
  • Benefits of membership of the IABC (and any other industry body)
  • The stupidity of banning employees from engaging with Facebook, Twitter and social media in general from the workplace
  • Reports on the ROI of social media
  • Telstra listening again
  • Second Life: does it still exist? (Yes it does, and there’s a fantastic unpublished case study I let Adrian know about showing its benefit)
  • MySpace is good for music, but what else?
  • Communicators not ‘playing’ in the digital space
  • Asian and African communicators versus Australian/New Zealand communicators: are we victims of a western cultural artefact that hinders our growth?
  • Why the 30-45 year olds are possibly not investing so heavily in social media
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of tools for the modern business communicator
  • Uptake of SMS technology, and reports that people in the Philippines have two hands (so do we), two phones (some of us do as well), and can text to two different people at the same time (I can’t even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time!)
  • E-etiquette: should you text/sms more than 140 characters? Should you text multi-screen messages?
  • Comms etiquette: would your company pay for you to attend a Comms Etiquette course, especially when etiquette can be so personal and culturally specific?
  • Is there a need for an e-comms module as part of the cultural sensitivity training given to diplomats and senior managers posted to foreign countries?
  • ‘Brand You’ e-comms, ethics and privacy invasion
  • A new training course we are just about to write together – and you will have to listen to find out what it is and why it will be a ‘killer’ course!
  • The relevancy of Web1.0 (yes, Martha, 1.0 websites are *still* very relevant)
  • Running e-commerce on a blog, including shopping carts
  • The joys of SnagIt!
  • Is social media a value-add at conferences?
  • How do conference organisers deal with/accommodate social media?
  • The Cisco FlipMino as an ideal conference tool

See? Told you we spent over three hours!

You can download our 62-minute chat [29mb] for later listening, or not take advantage of the power of rss subscription and ensure you automatically and painlessly catch each new edition of my podcast and vidcast in iTunes as and when I publish them.

There was a shedload of more stuff, too – but as I said earlier, the lawyers would have to get involved! [grin]

Oh, and the dessert at the Windsor? Let’s just say… OMG!!!!!!!

Thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule, Adrian, to let me grill you over dinner!

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