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BCR056: David Hall, Norton2010 and identity theft

BCR056: David Hall, Norton2010 and identity theft

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2009 · 3 comments

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David Hall from Symantec talks with Lee Hopkins about identity theft, rogue websites and Norton 2010

Further to my recent video review of Norton2010, recently had the very great pleasure of grabbing a coffee with David Hall from Symantec – he’s the Norton Product Manager in the Asia/Pacific region.

David was in Adelaide to talk about Norton’s latest release of Internet Security 2010, so it seemed a perfect opportunity for me to take a fellow Adelaidian for a coffee at Lucia’s in our world famous Central Market, especially as he now lives in Singapore and spends 75% of his time in planes!

We talked about viruses and how they are now so clever that they bypass ‘old-style’ virus protection.

You can listen to the podcast right here, or download it for your later listening pleasure [32 minutes/15mb]

We also talked about identity theft – and David staggered me with how many identities are stolen and just how much your identity is worth. A credit card is worth US$0.98 online; a full identity is worth [a stunning figure – see my contest below to potentially win a copy of Norton I.S. 2010].

What equally stunned me was that malware coders can crack into websites – yes, even YOUR website – and leave nasty, malicious code that is almost undetectable. The crackers leave the website owner completely in the dark – unaware, that is, until their site is black banned by the search engines and traffic plunges to almost zero. That code then infiltrates your pc and begins capturing your private information – login details, passwords, bank account numbers, and so on. Eeek! You will have no idea that it has happened

Rogue websites

Norton sees around [an equally stunning figure – see my contest below to potentially win a copy of Norton I.S. 2010] rogue websites per day reported for containing such threats. Norton helps website managers deal with such reports by notifying them when their site has been reported, but obviously this depends on knowing who to contact.

In order to help with this, Norton have set up a website where site owners and site managers can securely register their contact details. You can find it at safeweb.norton.com and after the interview I immediately went to the site to register my details!

Norton also let you back up online to their secure servers. There are various price points available and David goes into this – as someone who has lost so many files from backups that either failed (but didn’t let you know it failed) or the backup drive crashed at the same time as the main drive, this sort of auto-backup and retrieval is akin to manna from heaven.

The ‘Overhead’ Issue

We also discuss the ‘overhead’ issue; that is, Norton has suffered from a reputation that it ‘takes over’ your pc and slows it right down. My own experience it is other stuff that slows my pc down, not Norton. Norton 2010 now includes analysis software that can report back to you just what *is* slowing your pc down – dead handy!

More information:

You can find the press release, summary and white paper of Symantec’s Rogue Security report at http://www.symantec.com/about/news/resources/press_kits/detail.jsp?pkid=istr_rogue_security.

Win a copy of Norton 2010 – the contest

Norton Internet Security 2010 - click on this image to find out more David has very kindly let me give three copies of Norton Internet Security 2010 to the first three people who:

  1. Tell me for how much a person’s whole identity can be bought online; and
  2. Tell me how many rogue websites are reported to Norton each day


  • You must live in the Asia/Pacific region
  • You don’t *have* listen to this podcast to find the answers, but it would certainly help, because it is those numbers that I will deem ‘correct’ (“the truth is in there, Scully”)

Answers by Twitter [@leehopkins] with the hashtag #norton2010apac or email to me: LeeHopkins-Norton2010@spamarrest.com otherwise my spam filter – the marvellous Spam Arrest – won’t let your email through.

You can listen to the podcast right here, or download it for your later listening pleasure [32 minutes/15mb]

Thanks to David for the time, the information and the copies of NIS2010; thanks to Claire Malyon from Text100 for setting the meeting up. Don’t forget, there’s a review video of Norton2010 that I posted back in early November.

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