December 2009

why you should let your employees access social networking sites and social media tools


What I and my clients want are ‘hard numbers’


Metaplace is closing, so is (it would seem) Forterra (laying off 60% of its staff is not a good sign).

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Why this is interesting right now: Armenian folkloric culture is being expressed digitally through a major brand name to a Russian audience across the web. Amsterdam Worldwide is unveiling its first work for Pernod Ricard with the reinvention of Ararat – a legend and institution in the world of discerning brandy drinkers, I’m led to […]


Look, it’s not often I promote Ragan Communications, even though they do a tremendous amount of work for the North American business communicator (as Melcrum does for the European and Australasian), but I just HAVE to talk about an upcoming webinar. My mate Shel Holtz (@shel) is running a 60-minute webinar on the future of […]


Just received my courtesy copy of the 2nd Australasian edition of Wood, Zefane, Fromholtz, Wiesner and Creed’s core textbook, ‘Organisational Behaviour: Core Concepts and applications’ (Wiley). It’s part of the fun that comes from being a psychologist as well as a business communicator; never a dull life! Very flattered, because again they have referenced by […]


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Owning My Links A great insight into how to protect your own posts and protect your links in an age where url shortening services are rampant. Nice one, Ike! (tags: url shortening service ikepigott)


So I decided to cancel my membership. Did you naively think that they would make that an easy process?


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Background Briefing – 15 March 2009 – Conroy's clean feed Background to Conroy's Clean Feed, which continues to generate a blogstorm of protest and the twitter hashtag @nocleanfeed (no clean feed). A truly bizarre idea that reflects its political ideology — none of the child pornographers use the world wide web, they migrated to bittorrent […]


The participants around the board room table viewed me with some skepticism. I was right, guys, wasn’t I :-)