Letting employees speak: Telstra and employee social media training

by Lee Hopkins on December 17, 2009 · 4 comments

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Finally I can talk about a project I was delighted to be involved in earlier this year.

image from Telstra's stunning 3Rs module, created by Wendy Phillips

Telstra have today unveiled part of their internal training package that allows their employees to become their brand ambassadors.

Paull Young at Converseon and myself, along with Mike Hickinbotham and a team of senior communicators – including that fabulous Adelaide boy  and all-round Twitter luminary @JonoH – worked together to create a gem of a training package.

But the absolute star of the whole package was and remains Wendy Phillips, who created the stunning 3Rs interactive training module that Telstra have now made public. Using a combination of 3D avatar animation software and (one of my favourite tools) ComicLife, her module is head and shoulders above anything else I have ever seen, and I’ve been itching to tell the world ever since I first saw it.

You can view the videos below, or just visit Telstra’s blogpost about it.

Stunning – and I am so very fortunate to have been an early witness to it.

I remember at a meeting earlier this year when, at my suggestion, every participant signed each other’s copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto (10th anniversary edition), insisting that that day was a momentous one that would live large in the internal ‘story’ of Telstra and that when, in twelve months time they met again to review their progress, they would be blown away by how far they had come. The participants around the board room table viewed me with some skepticism.

I was right, guys, wasn’t I (nah nee nah)


Telstra’s channel on YouTube


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  • John

    Hello, What is the 3D animation avatar software used in the videos?

  • http://www.LeeHopkins.net/ Lee Hopkins

    G'day John,
    The software is 'Production Studio', part of the CodeBaby offering (http://www.codebaby.com)

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    employees should be trained in using social media, in order to minimize the cost of advertisement.

  • RichardFlemming

    I have to admit that the idea is very interesting and it could do well in practice. The method should be tested more and results should be provided for analysis.

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