Bang go the shed doors, slam, slam, slam…*

by Lee Hopkins on December 24, 2009 · 1 comment

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coffee time for Penny Cazalet and Isabella Scheflo on the BetterComms islet in Second Life

Metaplace is closing, so is (it would seem) Forterra (laying off 60% of its staff is not a good sign).

As Karl Kapp says,

It is inevitable that the 3D Virtual World space will have acquisitions, mergers and failures. It is all part of the technology growth cycle, we’ve seen it before with e-learning companies and with LMS companies in the 1990’s. Now we are seeing it in the Virtual World space. Inevitable but not fun to watch.

But at least he’s optimistic about those remaining, including:


  * Based on the Australian folksong, “Click go the shears, boys, click, click, click”

  • skribe

    Check out web.alive ( Their pricing looks very competitive and is most likely better for businesses wanting to use it for seminars, virtual tradeshows etc. It also runs in a web browser though it's windows only.

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