10 tips for talking to GOM*: Tip Five

by Lee Hopkins on January 6, 2010

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Watch out! Theres a Grumpy Old Man about!

Watch out! There’s a Grumpy Old Man about!

Ok, so we have looked at four tips so far; what else could you possibly need to know about us old curmudgeons that would make prising the dollars out of our wallets a bit easier for you?

[tips one, two, three, four]

Warning – big hint follows:

Big hint: we are tired of taking orders from other people!

We would love nothing more than

  1. No grinding commute
  2. No micro-managing bosses
  3. No tiresome customers

…so all those ‘work from home’, ‘fire your boss’ and ‘be your own boss’ offers that are a dime a dozen on the internet REALLY start to interest us.

All of the network marketing companies that we used to dismiss as ‘pyramid scams’ are far more likely to be seen in a new light. Don’t be surprised if we actually finally see past our lazy prejudices to identify the real business value in them and we stop dismissing them as ‘just another Amway’.

There’s people near me in the Hills who drive a Rolls Royce, by the way; have done for years. Ask them if being in Amway is a waste of time… Like lots of wealthy people I know have found, network marketing is a time-honoured way of moving out of the rat race and becoming financially free. But it’s not for everyone (it’s not for me, for example).

“Luxury!” in best ‘Monty Python, North-of-England’ voice

We love feeling powerful (who doesn’t?) and we also love convenience and comfort, so expect us to stump up the extra cash for a premium-priced product that ‘has it all from the outset’ in lieu of one that gives us the ‘opportunity’ to have it all.

Example: we would rather have one week at a pricey hotel right on the beach (and pay a premium for the balcony room that faces directly onto it) than two weeks at a medium (mediocre?) priced hotel that’s a 15 minute walk from the beach.

So if you can offer a curmudgeon like me something I perceive to be of greater value than the price – such as, say, a return business class trip to New Zealand for my wife and I when I buy a new Mercedes – I will happily open my wallet to you (my wife wouldn’t, but wives are different from men, oy vey!).

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For more insight into talking to GOMs, listen to two grumpy old communicators talking about this very issue!

With thanks to Bob Bly for his excellent idea-fest, “Marketing to GOM”

* GOM = ‘Grumpy Old Man/Men’

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