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by Lee Hopkins on January 9, 2010 · 1 comment

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WOW! Feedblitz has just offered me the chance to let you access their brilliant service – with a 10% lifetime discount.


What is Feedblitz?

FeedBlitz is a service that monitors blogs, RSS feeds and Web URLs to provide greater reach for feed publishers. FeedBlitz takes all the headache out of converting feed and blog updates into email digests, delivered daily to subscribers’ inboxes. FeedBlitz manages subscriptions, circulation tracking, testing, and is compatible with all major blogging platforms and services such as Blogger, Typepad and FeedBurner. Unlike other blogmail services, FeedBlitz is reliable, scalable and fully supported.

FeedBlitz also enables end users to monitor any feed or blog, anonymously if they wish, regardless of whether the publisher of that feed is using FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz therefore provides a simple way for users to receive updates from their trusted sources using a familiar and ubiquitous medium – email.

Some of Feedblitz’s clients include ME… oh, and some others like AVC.com, the Gawker suite of sites, copyblogger, jezebel, valleywag, and so on.

10% Lifetime Discount for you, my readers!

Feedblitz says,

Now that you are using FeedBlitz at an elite level, we are happy to enable you to offer your readers a special, time-limited 10% Lifetime Discount to our services. We have allocated you this special offer code – Lee’s – which is yours, and yours alone. All your readers need to do to secure their 10% lifetime discount is to sign up for FeedBlitz using this promotional code before 08 February, 2010 (US eastern time).

It’s not obligatory, but …

Now, you don’t have to use this offer; there’s no obligation. But if you would benefit from the great features you have just enabled, why not give this great deal a go?

How it Works

  1. You nip over to Feedblitz.com and use my special promotion code (remember, it’s Lee’s) which expires by 08 February, 2010.
  2. You start an evaluation before 08 February, 2010 at http://www.feedblitz.com/f?NewAccount using the promotion code Lee’s.
  3. FeedBlitz automatically applies your lifetime discount – Easy!

Small Print – Limitations and Restrictions

  • The discount is available to new accounts only.
  • The lifetime discount applies to all FeedBlitz paid services for that user, until and unless the user cancels their account, there is a payment default or the user later switches to a different FeedBlitz plan.
  • The offer must be used before 08 February, 2010 – no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • Once this offer expires it will not be made again to the readers of my blog – Ever.

Tick, Tick, Tick…

Time is running out. You can promote my offer on your own blog, web site, via email, on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else. But you and your own readers MUST sign up for their FeedBlitz trial using the Lee’s promotion code before 08 February, 2010 (US eastern time) in order to get their 10% lifetime discount. So start now – and give them yet another reason to think more of you.

The timer has started, so don’t delay!

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