Social Media *IS* behind the firewall, friends!

by Lee Hopkins on January 13, 2010 · 4 comments

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melcrum logo - click on it to visit I wanted to give you a sneak preview of some fascinating preliminary findings of Melcrum’s latest social media research and invite you, gentle and refined reader, to get involved and take the survey yourself.

The study will concentrate on the role communicators perform in getting the most from social media, how they monitor and measure results, how they make the business case for additional investment, how they protect their organizations against misuse by employees, and social media’s impact on other channels such as email.

Highlights so far from Melcrum’s initial research include:

  • Responses from 2,212 senior communicators
  • 40% of respondents said the business case for social media within internal communication was clear and that there is visible return on investment
  • 53% said they were planning to increase investment in their organization’s intranet in 2010
  • The business benefits of investment in social media highlighted included improved levels of employee engagement (21%), better communication with remote workers (16%), knowledge management and collaboration (25%), improving employee feedback (20%) and making business leaders more visible and accessible (14%). 

Highlights of the research study will be presented at Melcrum’s London conference on February 9-10th, 2010: “Social Media for Internal Communication”. The full findings will be made available to members of the Social Media Benchmarking Group and subsequently published as a major new research report in March 2010.

The link to the survey is here:

Further reading: James’s blog post on social media adoption behind the firewall:

Come on, join in the survey – you know you want to!

  • Priit Kallas

    Will this study be available to public?. I believe that the access to public social networks will open up and some of the internal networks will merge with public ones

  • John

    If you can, please update up with the results of the survey, I would be very interested to see those.

  • Lee Hopkins

    I've asked the question of Melcrum – awaiting their response, John

  • Lee Hopkins

    Just had word back from the good folks at Melcrum – they were overwhelmed by the number of responses, contributions and input they got for the initial survey.

    Robin Melcrum, CEO, is hoping to present the findings at the Melcrum Social Media Conference in Sydney in June.

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