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by Lee Hopkins on February 18, 2010 · 7 comments

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Natascha Dowsett in Japan, earlier this week
Natascha Dowsett in Japan, earlier this week

The social media/social networking space is full of interesting developments.

Why, just the other day a lady contacted me with news of her personal campaign to land a job with a digital agency here in Adelaide. Here’s how it pans out:

Adelaide marketing company, Fnuky, has decided to hire through Facebook rather than through traditional avenues and they’ve started a group on Facebook called “Finding Fnuky” to that end.

Local girl Natascha Dowsett saw the job advertisement on, took the personality test and then decided to take a leaf out of Fnuky’s book and try something completely different in the hopes that it would grab their attention; she started a Facebook group called “Dinner my shout, if you help Fnuky find me

Natascha has explained that she will give someone a great dinner at her expense if they come up with the nicest and most creative comment about her and post it on her page. Not an onerous task, but one fraught with potential for embarrassment, and all based on the hope Fnuky will take notice and give her a job. As I write this over 200 people have joined the group and apparently at least 11 people are in the running for a free dinner.

Natascha Dowsett just outside the BetterComms Towers office lift, yesterday afternoon
Natascha Dowsett just outside the BetterComms Towers office lift, yesterday afternoon

Fraught with excitement, opportunity and danger

Natascha’s foray into digital marketing is of course tremendously exciting for her and the future of job seeking. Equally, it is a risky proposition.

  • What if no one knows her well enough to say something nice about her?
  • Had she considered using LinkedIn to further her job prospects and garner testimonials as to her skills?
  • What if Fnucky have already heard of/seen her Facebook group but decided to decline to take part in her experiment?
  • What legislative risks do Fnucky open themselves up to by engaging (or not engaging) in staffing decisions outside of the usual, traditional screening/interview process?
  • What if Fnucky interview Natascha and decide that, for whatever reason, she is unsuitable for their agency – where does that leave Natascha and Fnucky in the race for social media credibility and kudos?

Watch Natascha’s group page to see each step of the saga unfold – one to watch to see how it pans out for everyone involved, methinks.

Natascha Dowsett and Guy, yesterday lunchtime
Natascha Dowsett and some chap (unknown) Guy, yesterday lunchtime

  • Lee Hopkins

    Ahh… that’s why Natascha called the photo ‘me and guy’ – I’ll amend the post post-haste

  • Drew

    His name is Guy. I think he works for the Advertiser now.

  • Prakky

    Agree: Natascha took a risk, and I really liked her campaign. Not sure of the outcome yet, but on Fnucky's FB page, they're stated the application process was over a few days ago.

  • fabric labels

    Brave woman. What she did is a recipe for disaster. But props to her cleverness nonetheless.

  • Jonas

    At least she is thinking outside of the box, and hopefully they will see that she is willing to do almost anything to get the job – although that might or night not work in her favour…

  • Rifles

    I have heard about the increasing trend in people gaining jobs through social media. I heard the figure of 30% of jobs these days are found/employed through using social media but not sure how true that is.

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