It was five years ago today… (that Sgt Holtz taught the band to play)

by Lee Hopkins on March 17, 2010 · 12 comments

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5-years-blogging-anniversary Wow! This crept up on me quietly (although I wonder how anything could creep up on you noisily…)

It was five years ago today that I started this blogging lark. Don’t worry, I’ve promised my wife it’s just a fad and that it won’t last.

My inspiration for blogging came from interacting with Shel Holtz, who led me on to other marcomms bloggers like Neville Hobson and Allan Jenkins (a chap with whom a lifelong friendship has developed).

It has also led to mutual respect, friendships and collaborations with colleagues such as the mighty Trevor Cook, the erudite Laurel Papworth, the inspirational Stephen Collins, the wonderful Jenni Beattie, the fabulous team at Melcrum and the always-there-for-me Ben Hamilton.

Now that the Adelaide social media scene is proving itself a lively and healthy one (in no small part due to @monnie’s and @tarale’s pioneering work with  the atub, and the newly-formed but ‘going gangbusters’ socadl) I am blessed to have the friendships and collegiality of such wonderful folks as Tarale, Prakky and the uber-compassionate @AndreaMatthews.

Along the way in the past five years I’ve made mistakes, have been admonished for them, and have let great things slide (for example, not continuing the foreign correspondent role in FIR because I believed at the time I had nothing of value to say; these days I’m too busy to block out the three-four hours of my time that it took to put one five-six minute article together, plus I still believe I have nothing of value to add).

Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel - available now at AmazonIn the last five years I have seen my life change in unbelievable ways (for example, from starting a Masters in Christian theology to now 2/3rds through a Doctorate in Communication). I have seen business opportunities be spread before me in exactly the same way that Mitch Joel has (read the intro of his fabulous book, Six Pixels of Separation). I have blogged, podcasted, vidcasted and twittered, and had a bloody marvellous time doing so.

On the down side I have let my exuberance for this new communication landscape bite into my marriage and my health – both for which I have paid a high (but thankfully not ultimate) price.

But to everyone along the way – friends, clients, colleagues, detractors – I have learned so much about myself and about this amazing world we live in, thank you. It has been my honour to be in your presence and long may that continue.

  • donnapapacosta

    Wishing you all the best in everything, Lee. You have MUCH to contribute.

  • andreamatthews

    Happy blog anniversary. What does one give for such a momentous occasion?!
    I checked and apparently the appropriate gift is “wood.” That has me a little stumped (boom-tish) so I guess it will be a glass of something bubbly when next we meet 😉

  • Jess

    Congratulations Lee! Look forward to many more posts to come.


  • Jenni Beattie

    Lee, honoured to be mentioned – it certainly has been a journey.

    Looking forward to sharing the next five years with fantastic colleagues like yourself.

    I know you were the one that my colleagues and I looked to for guidance as far back as 2005/06.

    In being a trailblazer you educated not only colleagues but industries/sectors about the importance of social media and back then in particular it would not have been easy!

    So thankyou.

  • Lisa | SEO Brisbane

    So glad that you are still going – I only discovered your blog this year and yes indeed you do have much to contribute! Thanks for making the sacrifice in time and other things to share your thoughts, news and opinions, it keeps us all on our toes and entertained.

  • Lee Hopkins

    Thanks, Lisa – that's very kind of you to say so. :-)

  • Robert Hagedorn Give it a shot.

  • Robert Hagedorn
  • Cheryl

    Congratulations Lee! I am so glad that I got to meet you and spend some time with you and your friend. Will be looking forward to seeing you on Twitter

  • B & C Hosking

    Best of Luck in your new venture. (Independent article 2/4/10)

  • kizi

    Your grasp of this topic is amazing. It really touched base to me and I am glad I found this material. Thank you very much.

  • Yepi Friv

    I find that sometimes I have to struggle to decipher just what a writer is trying to say, but you have made your information clear.

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