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by Lee Hopkins on April 6, 2010 · 6 comments

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I’m proud to announce an exclusive affiliation with Adelaide-based leading public relations firm Michels Warren. The new arrangement will now give Michels Warren clients access to my advice – and the timing couldn’t be better.

Nielsen research shows that Australia is at the forefront of social media, with our per-head-of-population use of sites such as FaceBook, Myspace and Twitter much higher than our contemporaries in the US, the UK or Japan. However, by contrast, I would estimate that less than one in a thousand Australian businesses have a social media policy or strategy in place.

Regardless of whether their business itself is active in the social media landscape or not, corporate leaders need to understand that their employees – who represent their brand – are active bloggers, tweeters and Facebook members so policies are needed to guide their behaviour.

Similarly, while some businesses might have experimented with a social media platform to build their profile, many have done so without a clear strategy and so aren’t getting the results they were hoping for.

Michels Warren managing director Phil Martin says the company’s affiliation with me guaranteed independent advice for his clients.

The social media landscape is constantly shifting and growing, which is why professional, up-to-the-minute advice for clients is critical to help build and protect their brands.

Lee gives our clients across Australia the advantage of access to the very latest trends, strategies and advice from an independent source.

  • andreamatthews

    Lee – that's great news. All the best with this new venture – I look forward to hearing all about it.


  • Clarence Jones

    They are the better for having you & your wisdom, Sir.
    Love & Peace, Clarence

  • Mike Hickinbotham


  • deme08

    You'll surely be a great asset! You're remarkable indeed! By the way, I just want to share to you this life-changing business advice that will make you say Wow! Good luck!

  • Lisa | SEO Brisbane

    Thats great news Lee – well done :) I think you will be a great asset to them.


  • Gillian_Google_SEO

    I have just discovered this blog but congratulations for your new collaboration with Michels Warren. I think a lot of customers are hopping on the Social Media bandwagon but it's still a very new area for businesses who have not explored the scope of what Social Media can do for their company.

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