Heidi says: 10 things to try in 10 minutes

by Lee Hopkins on May 10, 2010 · 1 comment

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The divine Miss Miller has come up with a bottler of a presentation for social media newbies.

Eschewing social media strategy for tomorrow’s to-do list, Heidi’s presentation is for:

Those who are curious and interested but fear doing it wrong right out of the gate.

High-level social media strategy this is not. This is for those who want to dip in a toe without stepping in it, who don’t want to spend days on strategy before even signing up for Twitter. This is a list of ten activities a social media newbie can do over a lunch break–each just ten minutes long and guaranteed not to ruin your social media credibility if you’re still working on that pesky strategy document.

Dip in a toe. Try the water. It’s fine.

I normally wouldn’t advocate publicly toying with the tools first, but I share Heidi’s view that some of this social media stuff is so easy (truly) that you can always start a blog, or a twitter stream, or a podcast and… and here’s the clever bit …not tell anyone!

That way you build up experience, expertise and get to ‘find your voice’ (that’s arty talk for finding your natural, most comfortable way of expressing yourself online).

As Heidi says,

Disclaimer: This is the PDF of an interactive deck, with animations and screen cap videos. Some may be lost in the telling.

If you want to see more, drop Heidi a line with your email, and she’ll send the mega-file in Keynote.

Nice one, Miss M!

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    Thanks for the link love! This was a fun talk. :-)


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