Metrics: diagnostic versus objective

by Lee Hopkins on May 11, 2010 · 1 comment

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measurement: diagnostic vs objective
The ever-readable and uber-smart Christopher Penn points out that the question is equally important as the answer, but that the answer MUST be relevant to the question.


“Dad, are we there yet?”
“18 cheeseburgers and 220 french fries, son!”

“Dad, are we THERE yet?”
“So far we’ve managed 21.7 miles per gallon. Isn’t that great?”

Bizarre, huh? Then consider this question from the CEO/CFO/Board:

“Are we succeeding in social media?”
“We’ve got 220 Twitter followers!”

“Yes, but are we succeeding in social media?”
“So far, we’ve managed 121 Likes on our Facebook page. People love us!”

Think hard about what your KPIs for your social media initiatives are; only that way can you answer the CEO/CFO/Board’s question. And keep your credibility/job.

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