Confused by Facebook privacy settings? Don’t be, help is at hand

by Lee Hopkins on May 18, 2010 · 3 comments

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Courtesy of fellow Adelaidian Steve Thomas comes a brilliant bit of javascript jiggery-pokery that helps you ensure your privacy settings on Facebook are working the way you think they are. Yes, as this infographic shows, they ARE complex!

Visit and follow the instructions! Dead simple and blimmin’ effective!

Thanks, Steve!

  • Oli Young

    Not to heap more burning embers on the Facebook pyre, but the fact there's a “prevent friends from sharing your data” option chills me to the bone …

  • Cory Grassell

    Thanks for the link! Properly managing your privacy settings is utterly important, especially if you use one account to manage personal and professional networking. I'm amazed by a new stat that suggests most people don't know about Facebook privacy settings, or they choose not to manage them. I'll definitely look into this…

  • SEO Services

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