The iPad: Simon Hackett gives it a partial thumbs up

by Lee Hopkins on June 9, 2010 · 2 comments

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Simon Hackett, MD of Internode Our own (as in Adelaidian) Simon Hackett, of Internode fame, has written a splendid, in-depth review of the iPad as seen from a business person’s perspective.

All in all, a very promising start. An awesome, awesome content consumption device. I reckon its a couple of software releases away from being a very effective mid-range content entry device too.

Some Googling resulted in my appreciating that there is a WordPress iPad app, which does work — and which I’ll try — but its a bit crazy that the main text entry box works fine in Safari on a Mac but not on the iPad, as yet.

Couch potato content creation doesn’t work
You can’t hold the iPad while reclining in a couch and comfortably using it to author anything. I am referring here to any need to write sentences, versus merely clicking on web site links (it’s great for the latter).

You also can’t rationally use it on a desk for long periods without some form of stand to angle it, or you wind up with various forms of neck and shoulder cramp due to being hunched up over it. That probably explains why my local Apple dealers in Adelaide are all entirely out of stock of the Apple iPad case (which allows the device to be angled nicely on a desk).

Thats [sic] also an aspect of the form factor — like a A5 pad, it sits nicely on your knee and its fine for one handed operations (holding the unit in the other hand), but you can’t use two hands to type that way — to do that you’ve got to get up out of the comfortable chair and find a desk somewhere (and again, with the aforementioned stand needed, to angle the screen, too).

For anyone in a professional pursuit (in IT or otherwise — software engineering, network engineering, whatever), a future in which you can have every manual you might ever need, sitting at your side in an iPad, all the time, is a brilliant thing. Searchable, easy to read, without burning trees to do it. Again, wow.

Apple iPad All in all, a conclusion that waiting for Version 2 would be a smart thing to do, rather than rushing out and buying one now.

But for me, I’m interested to know what the other manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, Acer, et al, are going to do to steal Apple’s thunder (and yes, Apple are exceedingly good at creating thunder in the first place – does anyone seriously want a portable mp3 player other than an Apple product these days?).

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