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by Lee Hopkins on June 15, 2010 · 2 comments

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Market Samurai - click here for more information about this fabulous SEO and niche toolI’ve raved before about Market Samurai at conferences, but I think it’s time to rave about them on this blog.

Several delegates at the recent AffiliateSYD conference asked me how to find niches and keywords relevant to their needs, needs which fell into two broad camps:

  1. Promoting their own products and developing a pool of affiliates to help them move more product than their own company website could on its own – creating a new distribution channel, if you like;
  2. Promoting other people’s products and making money thereof.

As an aside, there were as many marcomms/advertising agency staff at the conference as there were individual affiliate marketers – affiliate marketing is not just for ‘work at home’, ‘get rich quick’ dreams; big-name companies are moving into the affiliate arena as they realise it is a fantastic way to move more products and services than their website and sales staff can do on their own… But back to the conference.

As I said to these inquisitors at the time, there are three main tools:

  1. Wordtracker – for a long time the ruling online application, but starting to become a little dated
  2. Google AdWords – a great free tool for finding keywords, but not that helpful in making sense of the data unless you were a ‘data junkie’ and prepared to spend hours going through the numbers
  3. Market Samurai – a recently-launched tool out of Melbourne that comes with a growing number of ‘how to’ videos that quite simply “just make sense”. No hyperbole, no over-the-top histrionics; just good ol’ niche and keyword common sense.

As I told the delegates, you combine Market Samurai with Glenn Murray’s superb SEO Copywriting book and you have a very rapid start to the online affiliate promotion arm of your business (and if you want to sell others’ products but don’t know of a suitable niche to target, or have a niche in mind but don’t know if it will be any good, combine Market Samurai with Glenn’s SEO Copywriting book AND Nitro Marketing’s superb ‘241 Proven Niche Markets’ research.)

The videos help make sense of Market Samurai and turn it from ‘just another numbers’ spreadsheet into an extremely powerful tool that I use with clients to help them define their keywords and keyphrases.

You would be surprised at how many companies build websites but choose not to pay for the ‘keywords and keyphrases’ seo component because they see it as a waste of money. With the growth of blogs and micro-blogging (aka Twitter) the effective use of keywords is more relevant than ever!

If you are looking for a new distribution channel for your products and services, you can download Market Samurai for an ‘all bells and whistles’ 30 day free trial, which I strongly recommend you do.

And if you are looking for a company to help you move into the affiliate channel down which you can move more of your products and services, might I suggest you contact the fine folk over at Viva9.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned above have been researched by me and I believe they are ‘best in class’, therefore I offer them to you and ask only for a small compensation should you purchase any of them in return for the time spent in research. The links to the products have my affiliate code built into them.

If you would prefer I not receive any compensation, here’s direct links to the products mentioned:

Market SamuraiSEO Copywriting / 241 Proven Niches Markets

I wouldn’t dream of wasting your time by promoting dodgy products; nothing irks me more than when someone tries to force a product down my throat that bears little or no relevance to my business or my needs. I research the products I offer and believe them to be excellent value, which is why I choose to let you know about them.

  • locspoc

    it is a great tool, i've been using it for several years now

  • Cemil

    Market Samurai has been one of the most feature full tools that I have used to date. Even if many people who purchase the software and use half the functionality, they will be save themselves a lot of time and effort.

    I agree with you Lee that MS is best in class and what makes it better is that it has been built by local Melbourne boys :)

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