Wordle – I’d forgotten how good it is

by Lee Hopkins on July 1, 2010

in tools

Louise Denver (@ldenver) from Deloitte Australia gave an outstanding presentation yesterday at the Social Media Conference organised by Melcrum.

She has so much energy and passion that it was energizing.

One of the slides in her presentation was a word chart courtesy of Wordle. I’d forgotten just how useful and cool Wordle is.

Here’s how Wordle has analysed my recent blog posts and has sorted out the various themes and topics I focus on:

my Wordle - click on the image to see it full size

Why not try Wordle on a document (say, a report) to see what the key themes in the document are – you might need to do some copy editing to bring the results more in line with what your original vision was.

Wordle is a cool and very useful app; try it out.

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