Run ‘Office’ on your iPad? Yes, you can

by Lee Hopkins on July 22, 2010

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citrix_ipad courtesy of Well, go to the foot of my stairs!

Who would have thought that the iPad could run Windows applications?

I know Apple fanboys will ask, “Why would you want to?” but for the vast majority of we the computer-using population the ability to use the software we are familiar with on the latest Apple marvel is, well… marvellous.

The technical details to get it all up and running (very simple by the looks of it) are over at, but in essence all you need is some cheap apps (cheap by business standards: maximum US$30) and a good wi-fi or 3G connection. The iPad functions as a Windows terminal (I’m biting my tongue trying not to type ‘dumb’ terminal [smile]).

It makes me almost run down to my local Apple store, but as I have just ordered a shiny new, much configured Dell desktop I’ll wait and see what they or other pc-based manufacturers come up with to rival the iPad. Not that I’m anti-Apple: my iPhone is the closest thing to perfection I have found in a computing device.

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