Social media is dead. Long live whatever comes next.

by Lee Hopkins on August 6, 2010 · 3 comments

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A carcam on the upcoming demise of social media (within, I predict, the next five years) and its replacement by a yet unknown but even more pervasive communication force.

  • chrisfoster

    David Armano said recently, he does not expect to be talking about Social Media within 2 years. He elaborated that it's not going away, rather it will be integrated into the business process and culture.

    I hope that Social does become part of the business DNA and that respect is shown to people, as partners in success as opposed to being dumb consumers/clients.

  • Lee Hopkins

    Clay Shirky has also said that technology only becomes socially interesting when it is all pervasive and to all intents invisible, a part of our daily fabric.

    History tells us that improvement with what we currently have is inevitable, so I eagerly await what beholds us when the NBN, social media savvy politicians and technology collide to allow us to have a greater say in the running of our country, for example.

  • Ike Pigott

    Of COURSE Social Media will be here five years from now!

    We just won't talk about it.

    Nobody today says “I think I'll head to the house and do some Social Media.”

    Just like they don't say “I'm off to the house to watch some Expanded Cable!”

    We DO it, we just don't TALK about it, because:
    – it's ubiquitous
    – it's non-specific
    – it's non-special

    As for the various networks, they might live and die, and there might be a Facebook-killer yet. But the functionality we've grown accustomed to will not be dropped cold without being replaced.

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