How to tell you are the official social media nerd of your company

by Lee Hopkins on August 9, 2010 · 4 comments

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Nerd Gear - glasses repaired by band aidsPR at Sunrise has a brilliant post on how to figure out if you are the official social media nerd of your company

The number one sign is…

1. You’d rather work on a viral campaign for a client than secure a segment on Oprah

There’s nine other gems in the list and I know that my source for this article, @Prakky, is definitely defined by number 10:

10. People call you by your Twitter handle instead of your real name

Hat tip to Michelle for a cracker of a post!

P.s. I’m number 8, particularly with regards to Twitter…

  • Worob

    Thanks for posting this, Lee!

    PR at Sunrise –

  • Cemil

    Hmm, Number 5 seems to be the way things move along for many these days isn't it?

    5. When you need advice you first reach out to your followers before speaking with personal friends

  • Chris Norton

    Nice post Lee and what a great list – I can't believe it but I am actually about 80% of those which is really scary.

  • Five Nerds

    What are these personal friends you speak of?

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