Pretend this is your first day on the job – how does your communication landscape stack up?

by Lee Hopkins on August 10, 2010 · 1 comment

in internal communications

communication on policies - how easy are they for new hires to find the information they need?
Imagine you are a new hire; what impact does your employee communication landscape tell them about you and your company?

For example, do you assume a certain level of knowledge in order to be able to draw relevant information out of the intranet? Do the internal brochures answer a newcomer’s questions, or do they just add to the ‘first week confusion’?

How does the new hire ask a ‘stupid’ question?

Where does the new hire go to find out more about your company, the industry, the resources available to help him/her and the company succeed?

Hat tip to Jane Shannon for her excellent ‘73 Ways to Improve Your Employee Communication Program’.

  • Marc Accetta

    It's the job of the employer to explain all the things to his workers. He/she should know the terms and conditions his company has to offer.

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