Communicators as change agents

by Lee Hopkins on August 23, 2010 · 2 comments

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I’ve long held the view that our job as professional communicators is to be agents of cultural change – either within the organisation or within its constituents.

Mentioning that at a lunch the other day, I was asked to provide some ways of managing that process, especially when communicating to employees.

One of the roadblocks in any change program is the person who will only move forward once they have the security of having all of their questions answered, sometimes at a microscopic granular level.

As a way of working with and moving forward with these types, try these phrases:

I know we don’t have all the information or answers to every single question that may come up.

I appreciate how thoroughly you think your decisions through before making them. You obviously understand that we need to make the best decisions possible but that sometimes we have to move forward without knowing all of the potential risks and rewards. Sometimes not moving forward is riskier than waiting for all of the answers to come in.

These are challenging times and no one here knows all of the answers. But we are relying on the wisdom, creativity and ingenuity of our teams to find a way forward that works for everyone.

Give it a go.

  • Anonymous

    “Move forward” – drink!

  • Lee Hopkins

    I know; I had my best Julia Gillard voice on when I wrote it :)

    On Sun Aug 22 22:21:38 CDT 2010, Disqus

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