BCR066: On that sideways head-tilt, ladies

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2010 · 3 comments

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To tilt or not to tilt, that is the question, ladies (and gentlemen too!)

  • http://www.converstations.com MikeSansone

    Great bit here, Lee.

    Maybe this is a Midwest thing here in the U.S., but I notice a few men will use a head tilt to encourage empathy or an open-mind. A punctuation of sorts, as if to say, “Can you see that possibility?”

    Keep up the great (and passionate) work.

  • http://www.LeeHopkins.net/ Lee Hopkins

    G’day Mike,

    Thanks for the encouragement and support :)

    Yes, we have men tilting their heads here too, but the ladies seem to tilt their heads at any opportunity [grin] — [author now expecting howls of protest from women]

  • http://www.facebook.com/kablwerk Kay Walker

    SOME ladies (not mentioning any names) seem to almost have a crick in their necks, they grin and tilt so often!! I love watching young (newish) couples in restaurants- the nonverbals are very amusing and educational! :)

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