Nearly 2 million Aussies on Twitter?

by Lee Hopkins on September 24, 2010 · 1 comment

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twitter rocks!

Courtesy of Nick Homes a Court at BuzzNumbers, as well as Brian Giesen from Ogilvy, comes some Nielsen numbers that seem to indicate that 1.42 million Aussies visited last month.

But, as Nick points out in a comment on Brian’s post, the Nielsen stats only show browser visits to; it doesn’t seem to indicate that it also takes into account twitter activity via a mobile application (hootsuite for iphone, tweetdeck for iphone, inter alia).

If you add another 30% on to the 1.42 million number (and I reckon 30% is a conservative addition), then the number of Aussies on Twitter ramps up to 1.85 million – impressive numbers for our little country.

And as Brian says, it’s good to see that we are still the most Facebook-addicted country in the world :)

  • Nick

    Thanks for the post Lee :)


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