Win a Lenovo ideapad: Give it a nice new home!

by Lee Hopkins on October 1, 2010 · 43 comments

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Competition now closed!

competition now closed

lenovo ideapad Y560

Competition now closed!

The very nice folks at Lenovo have just released some new ideapads into the Australian wild and I’ve managed to track down two of them!

I’m using one of them, the IdeaPad Y560, to write this very post and run some other tests on it; a sort of product test, if you will, which I will duly report back on.

But the other one deserves to find a good home somewhere here in Australia. Is your home a loving home? Could you find it in your heart to love a Lenovo? I know from just two days of testing I could!

They are fun-loving laptops – full of creative ideas, they make plenty of noise and do so with full-on colour and crisp realism.

They look sharp and even have cool features like ‘Face Scan’ security. How this works is that, first time around, it scans your face and registers it with ASIO (I could be making that bit up), then next time you restart your ideapad it uses the inbuilt camera to scan your face and, once recognised, you can ‘access all areas’. Yes, it has an easy work-around if you happen to have had a glass or two too many of the Adelaide Hills finest wines; your entry is password-protected (you set the password) and you get in that boring old way.

lenovo ideapad Y560

Here’s the spec on the freedom-loving, fun-loving ideapad that I have here at BetterComms Towers – remember, this baby can be yours!

CPU Intel ARD 2.26G
Display 15.6 HD
Battery 6 cell
OS Windows 7 Home Premium
Colour Black
Gross weight 4.02kg
Model Lenovo IdeaPad Y560


How to enter

So no doubt the question on your lips is, “Lee – how do I give a wild child, freedom-loving, fun-loving Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 a good home; mine, preferably?”

The answer is disarmingly simple:

Tell me, in 25 words or less, why you deserve to have one.

Simple, huh?

Leave your entry in the comments to this post, and you can also enter as many times as you like.

Additionally, you can leave comments about other people’s entries, too! So if you really like someone’s entry, or really dislike it, you can tell me/them/the world. Total transparency is a beautiful thing

UPDATE: Runner up prize

altec lansing octiv mini speaker

I’ve been given an Altec Lansing Octiv mini speaker/charger box for your iPhone and iPod to review. I love it so much I’m keeping my review copy instead of sending it back I’m forcing Altec Lansing to give me another so I can add it as an additional prize in this competition. Watch my video to find out why I am so in love with the Octiv (hint: the sound is brilliant). The runner up in the competition gets the Octiv.


Closing date

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Today is 1st October – last entry, midnight CST Sunday 17th October 2010.


Small print
Relatives of Lee Hopkins or employees of Better Communication Results or Text100 are not allowed to enter. Judges are Lee Hopkins and staff at Text100. Judges’ decision is final, no correspondence entered into.

  • Jono Haysom

    I deserve it as my old laptop is slow and tatty, the lenovo looks like a brilliant replacement!

  • Caitlin Holroyd

    I deserve it as i am getting ready to kick-start my Communications/copy-writing career and need this awesome equipment to help me

  • idrewthis

    I want to go green but my ancient punch-card laptop is preventing my move to a paperless office. Then there’s the broken femurs.

  • Tricia

    I don’t need it but hubby does. Then when I need to tell him what to do I can communicate with him from a distance!

  • Murfomurf

    Woohoo!! I’d LOVE to win a freebie LeNovo IdeaPad Y560… let’s face it- I’m never going to buy one with no income! My lappy is looking distinctly chewed (by Bendix the Cat) and needs to last through my Masters dissertation- will it have to??

  • eztephen

    It would enable me to collate, manipulate and upload my photography quickly, easily and without my computer cooking itself to death.

  • Anonymous

    It would help me digitally draw/paint things. I draw things. It’s what I do… when I’m not doing tech support.

  • Simon

    To help with my current study and do it on the go with a new baby in the family cause a workstation is hard to make portable.

  • Pita

    Communications chick seeks freedom-loving Lenovo with GSOH for walks on the beach, web surfing and meaningful engagement. Creative types only, accounting packages need not apply.

  • Belinda Macleod-Smith

    There is a PR tart
    With a very digital heart
    Her work’s a flop
    With a crappy laptop
    A Lenovo would make her so smart

  • Nic ‘n’ Sas

    With 6 cherubs we need as many computers as we can get, besides the Mac
    needs some healthy competition. The Lenovo looks up for it.

  • Wolf Cocklin

    the only way to make me look less daggy would be with the lenovo.. suddenly I would be hip and cool again

  • Nosherwanabbasi87

    innovations starts here,technology once dreamed, and the dream came true.

  • Richard Pascoe

    Would give it to a person stuck in a job to enable him to break out and progress the business he should be in

  • Matt

    I’m an IT/business uni student. Not exactly starving but it’s certainly upgrade time. Plus I’m nice to animals and help old ladies cross the street!

  • Rob

    Effective communication is the most important skill any business person must master and the Lenovo ideaPad will enable me to communicate effectively from anywhere.

  • Jenni Beattie

    A non profit mental health client TheMHS could use one for blogging at events to help spread the word on this key issue.

  • Robbyc

    I have never actually owned an IBM! – I have loved many other brands but Never an IBM, this could be a chance to convert me

  • Jerry B. Culala

    im a big fan of lenovo!..mine is lenovog400 which is alrady giving up on me…hope i win this so my sons could have their own laptop too

  • Jerry B. Culala

    wanna win this one for my kids…

  • Jerry B. Culala

    good morning from manila, mr.hopkins!…let me have this lenovo for my 2 boys, one who just turned 7 seven yrs old yesterday and the eldest who will be 8 yrs old this oct 22…let them have it as their birthday gift!….

  • Cemil

    Well the Lenovo may come in handy when you’ve had a few too many in the Adelaide Hills, but it will come in even more handy for my first home business to grow from..

  • Cemil

    You know after seeing the video in it’s entirety, you actually talk a lot more about the mini speaker Lee :)

    I’m actually hoping to win that more than the laptop now

  • Bo Sellers

    Lee…I don’t have a laptop or smartphone and if I were fortunate enough to win the Leveno IdeaPad, It would drastically improve my ability to communicate with the employees I train and increase my business results. I would also be able to visit your website and read your fantastic blog all the time…it’s awesome!!!

  • Jerry B. Culala

    let me win even if im from manila…our home badly needs that laptop for my two grade school boys…im jobless so i cant buy them one…pls let me win it…God Bless…

  • Raja

    Hey Lee, The world is on the move but still I am havin my old Destop for staying connected. Many Ideas get lost before I reach home and IDEA pad can help me out!!


  • IBM-curious

    Help me break my Mac addiction. Prove to me that there is life on the other side.

  • Glenn Murray

    I’ll kiss you. No tongue, minimal lingering. (I’m no harlot.) But, still, a kiss. I won’t shave though. For that I’d require the 560d.

  • CathieT

    Hi Lee! I’ll give the Lenovo IdeaPad a new home, because I’ve never owned one and figure you might as well start at the top!

  • CathieT

    Hi Lee – I would also like to win the IdeaPad ’cause it’s pretty! /grin

  • Jerry B. Culala

    that lenovo needs pampering…give it to me…

  • collinvanuden

    I have ideas, Lee. I think, I have ideas and I make words.

  • Jerry B. Culala

    from bettercomms towers to our home…pls send me that lenovo…

  • Couchshow

    To be honest, I don’t deserve it at all. I should probably just buy one. Give me one anyway because the world is unfair :)

  • Jbryant4

    Cause last night the lenovo visited me, things got freaky, well it’s pregnant! I want to do the right thing ane look after it..

  • Jiminy trickit

    cause last night, lenovo came over to my place things got freaky, and now she is pregnant, I want the chance to do the right thing and care for her and her little lenny

  • Rubina Carlson

    ERCmedia is the new kid on the block in Adelaide, give it it to our freelancing Wild Child, Rubina! According to Prakky, she’s the best customer you could ever have!

  • CathieT

    I would love this laptop, I’d be able to see the photos from my upcoming Flinders Ranges trip – without having to wait to get home!!

  • CathieT

    I won’t kiss you. Promise. But if I won the laptop you’d probably get a rib breaking hug!!

  • Barbara Nixon

    This Lenovo is wonderful for my son James, who has started the Transition Program – for teens who have Special Ed diplomas transitioning to independent life.

  • julie anne Dean

    omg, i nearly missed this one..i would walk on hot coals for this prize.fingers crossed knees crossed everything crossed..

  • Lee Hopkins

    G’day everyone.

    Thanks for all your terrific entries!

    It was really hard to pick two winners out of so many great responses, but in the end myself, Text100 and Lenovo all agreed that Pita’s ‘dating site’ entry was the winner, with Rob the runner up.

    Can Pita and Rob please contact me and let me know your Facebook, Twitter or email addresses so that I can co-ordinate you receiving your prize, please?

    Again, many thanks to everyone who entered!


  • Cemil

    Congrats to Pita and Rob!

    Lee don’t wait to long to get on Lenovo (and others) backs about new products that can be given away for a future comp ;)

    hhmm… I am in need of a new phone for business and pleasure, perhaps Apple could come to play :)

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