More time spent on social media than email worldwide

by Lee Hopkins on November 4, 2010 · 5 comments

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News from eMarketer comes with bad news for the “it’s just a fad” crowd – social media is becoming the most time-intensive activity on the web.

Data from a worldwide survey by TNS shows that, on average, we internet types spend 4.6 hours a week on social sites, compared with 4.4 hours on email, even though email is still the most conducted activity.

Time Spent on Online Activities, by Type, Sep 2010 (% of internet users worldwide and hours per week)

The number of us who manage a profile on a social networking site has also increased, as the chart below shows.

Internet Users in the US and Worldwide Who Manage a Profile on a Social Network, 2008-2010 (% of respondents)

As eMarketer, the source of the table and chart above say,

And it’s little wonder they spend so much of their time on social sites. In addition to a wealth of social games and opportunities to share and generate content, social networks remain at heart a communications tool. US internet users told UM in 2010 they stay in contact with 53 people on average through social media, up from 31.2 last year. Worldwide the trend was similar: Users now keep in touch with 52 friends through social, compared with 38.8 in 2009

Social networking and social media is here to stay. Better let your CEO know…

  • Wes Towers

    This just goes to show that marketers who have strengthened their social marketing efforts are on the right path. We should all be glad with this development, whether it is just a trend or not. Thanks for the post, Lee.

  • Cemil

    That’s pretty interesting stats. I would have definitely thought that email would have been the the activity that most people spend time on (I know I am constantly trying to trim down my time spent on writing/reading emails).

    I guess this is why more and more companies are restricting access to social sites for their employees.

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  • Web Hosting India

    Because social media is great way to get more business in our site.. Thanks for sharing this informative post Lee.. I will share this post..

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