Angela Sinickas’s 5-step formula for calculating comms ROI

by Lee Hopkins on November 25, 2010

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The wonderful Angela Sinickas has a great 5-step plan for measuring ROI for we busy communicators, and Melcrum have just re-brought it to my attention (I’d forgotten about it).

Have a read of the article and take note: this is a deceptively simple yet powerful ‘plan of attack’ for conquering the CFOs and other ‘this is all too hard’ managers in your organisation…

Here’s a snippet:

STEP 1: Focus on just one project
Start with the total financial value of an outcome the communication was intended to achieve. To make this more meaningful and easier to isolate the impact the communication had, the outcome should be very discrete and specific. Focus on one project or initiative that contributes to a revenue or cost control goal, rather than the entire goal, or one behavior-impacting article in a publication or website, rather than the entire communication channel.

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