We don’t seek your perfection, only your authenticity

by Lee Hopkins on February 3, 2011 · 1 comment

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My top presentation guru, Garr Reynolds, recently posted about a TEDx presentation by Brene Brown, a professor at the University of Houston who touches on some key issues related to her work on vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame in a recent presentation at TEDxHouston.

Says Garr,

I’m always looking for good examples of regular people who do a good job of presenting naked. This talk is remarkable because it’s a good example of both an authentic, natural presentation, and the content of the presentation itself speaks to the need for a naked approach to communicating and to living in general.

Naked presentation is not about presenting with no clothes on at your local naturalists convention; rather it is about presenting your ideas in a manner that eschews the formal props and handicaps that we use to get our message across. It is about communicating from the heart, not reliant on endless dense PowerPoint slides. It is about taking risks and being authentic about who we are and what we stand for and believe in, what we are passionate about.

It is not about hiding behind the language of our professions and our corporations, but opening ourself to risk and speaking ‘Mano et Mano’.

The same spirit that applies to presentations also applies to companies engaging in the social media space: as your audience we don’t expect you to be perfect, just honest and authentic.

I thoroughly recommend you read Garr’s post and watch Brene’s TEDxHouston video, and as anyone who has read my blog for a while can attest, there is no greater teacher and expositor of presentational style than Garr. He is a must-read/must-follow writer.

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