Too many hours, not enough time

by Lee Hopkins on February 22, 2011 · 5 comments

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Some days there are too many hours filled with ‘stuff’ and not enough time to blog. The last few days have been like that.

So, here’s a random selection of the weird and the wonderful that has crossed over the transom here at BetterComms Towers.

  • Should prospective employers be allowed to look through your personal Facebook page prior to hiring or recertifying you? Maryland’s Department of Corrections seems to think so. During a re-certification interview, corrections officer Robert Collins was required to share his Facebook login ID and password, and had to sit there while his supervisor skimmed through his page. (HT @prakky for this story)
  • LinkedIn admits that no-one goes to LinkedIn. Huh????
  • mommynetworks-apologyThe Toyota brand hijacking fiasco comes to a messy end, with the guilty party’s website still out of operation (click on the screengrab image to read the letter) – did she take it down deliberately?
  • Free WordPress themes for your blog carry more unwanted ‘hidden features’ than a car from a used car lot
  • Now, From the Wonderful side of the equation, here’s the lovely and very smart Henriette Weber and tools you need to DIY your Facebook page (and save a gazillion dollars, as she says)
  • Shel Israel raises the spectre of an angry Donna Papacosta, unable to print out a few pages of an e-book to file for future reference. He also raises the question of whether public libraries will ever ‘get’ that e-books are a business model that bypasses them. Whether you prefer your reading via your Kindle or your iPad, or you prefer a paperback that you can scrunch into your carry-on bag, the e-book has wrought changes – some good, some bad. A great and all too short post, Shel.
  • Beth Kanter has a great post about why getting your community around you first, so that you have people who will support you when a slip-up occurs, is so important. As one commentator put it, “I think one of the best points here is “Build Your Network Before You Need It.” The fact that Wendy and the Red Cross built an engaged community helped them respond to the errant Tweet pretty quickly.”
  • A great case study on how Victory Motorcycles used Facebook to make friends and sales (note: link is to a pdf)
  • And in case you missed it, the US Army’s Social Media Handbook, courtesy of Ed Harran (who I’m really looking forward to finally meeting F2F this Friday in Melbourne)

That’s enough to be getting on with. Ciao ‘til next time.

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  • Donna Papacosta

    Angry? LOL.

  • Lee Hopkins

    Never cross a Papacosta when books are on the line… :)

  • Henriette Weber

    thank you for the link – I am so happy you liked it =)

  • David

    I enjoyed looking at these links.

    Re: LinkedIn, it’s a semi-must to have a profile, and I use it as a CV on my blog, but apart from that I don’t think many people use it for communication. I know one fellow teacher who spends some time building up a network on it – I don’t believe it gets him extra clients or queries but it is a kind of social proof.

    Might depend on which industry you’re in. Most people aren’t going to type in ‘English teacher’ on LinkedIn, but I know a friend in Singapore who was headhunted on there.

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